Vita Mundi present in Ciutat Meridiana

Vita Mundi present in Ciutat Meridiana

The neighborhood of Ciudad Meridiana, which is part of the Northern Zone of Nou Barris, is one of the neighborhoods of Barcelona where the crisis has affected the most. According to a study made by the Barcelona City Council, the poverty rate is 51% compared to the average level of the city and with one of the highest levels of unemployment in Barcelona.

Several neighborhood associations (Neighborhood Association of Ciudad Meridiana, Sociocultural Association La Indomable) and also the Misioneras de la Inmaculada Concepción congregation are working together to try to ease the hardships of families in need. These families do not have income of any type or survive with aids (PIRMI) that are totally insufficient to cover the minimum expenses (rent, water, electricity and food).

This situation has a direct impact on the child population since many children from these families depend on lunch scholarships, which guarantee a meal a day for the school period, for their meals.

The lack of food for children; during the months of July, August and September, due to school closing and blockage of food banks;  forces to think on specific emergency actions for these months.


The first line of work was the visualization of the need.  This was fundamental for the Administration to give an effective response, increasing aids coming from Social Services and boosting Dining Grants.

The second line of action was the agreement with Montsarri S.L. among others, to cover basic food needs in summer 2013, with food distribution in July, August and September. The Paype Association and IES abroad Barcelona immediately join this caring action in 2013.

A solidarity focused neighborhood (Summer and Christmas 2013).
It is a group of associations, entities and people united with the objective of working the food issue.

Food for families and school supplies for children Christmas 2013.
Food was distributed to families and school supplies to the children.

Specific feeding for babies and children under 3-4 years (Quarterly distribution 2014).

There is a focus on the provision of food for children from 0 to 3 years old, usually a disregarded portion of the population. The products for babies and children are very expensive, especially milk and diapers. The objective is to continue providing children food (initiation and continuity milk, child hygiene products …).

Quarterly deliveries – Food / Donations -Ciudad Meridiana project

Food collection in supermarkets and private donations. Donations of clothing and toys are also made.

Total 2013 and 2014
Number of people that were assisted: 1436
Children 0-4 years: 1068
Adults: 368
Families: 541

Total March 2015
Number of people that were assisted: 214
Children 0-4 years old: 118
Children 4-18 years: 96
Families: 92

Total June 2015
Number of people that were assisted: 217
Children 0-1 year: 34
Children 1-3 years: 71
Children 3-18 years old: 112
Families: 90

Total September 2015
Number of people assisted: 162
Children 0-1 year: 29
Children 1-3 years: 49
Children 3-18 years: 84
Families: 74

Partner companies and associations: BOU, IES Abroad Barcelona, PAYPE, CATALUNYA SCHOOL, MONTSARRI, AASARA, THAISMON and GRUP OLIVE SLOW FOODS.

Since the beginning of 2014, food project for children is under the coordination and agreement of Vita Mundi, Paype and Petit Sol.

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